NuLevel Podcast

Episode 15

Welcome to another episode of the NuLevel Studios Podcast sponsored by the Interloper Brewery. During the podcast, we learn more about how Interloper Brewery is expanding and on the hunt for new, bold flavors. It’s time these naked bottles got some class, so we are calling all listeners to send in your label designs. You can send them to us via Facebook and we’ll choose our favorite to emblazon every bottle of Interloper Brewery goodness!

Don’t forget to check out friends of the show Craving Strange in Austin this week!

Tonight at The Chuggin’ Monkey and Friday at The Blind Pig Pub!

DSCN1037 DSCN1038 DSCN1042 DSCN1044 DSCN1051 DSCN1052 DSCN1053 DSCN1054 DSCN1055 DSCN1056 DSCN1059 DSCN1061 DSCN1062 DSCN1072 DSCN1073 DSCN1074 DSCN1075 DSCN1076 DSCN1077 DSCN1080 DSCN1082 DSCN1084 DSCN1087  DSCN1089 DSCN1096 DSCN1098 DSCN1088DSCN1101DSCN1102DSCN1103DSCN1105DSCN1107DSCN1109DSCN1110DSCN1112DSCN1115DSCN1122DSCN1124DSCN1127DSCN1128DSCN1135DSCN1136DSCN1138DSCN1139

bottles glass


Episode 14

The NuLevel Studios Podcast would like to officially say WE ARE BACK! We hope you didn’t forget about us. Or maybe you did and that’s okay too.

Listen in for Phil’s hunting-fapping plans, a nostalgic review of episodes past, strip club horror stories, and the usual NuLevel debauchery.

Oh and we got a fancy media player. No more links, just push play!

DSCN1025 DSCN1008 DSCN1002 DSCN1000 DSCN0997 DSCN0979 DSCN0975 DSCN0973 DSCN0966 DSCN0962 DSCN0959 DSCN0956 DSCN0955 DSCN0952

Episode 13

NuLevel Studios  welcomes the return of one of our all time favorite guests, Wobbleburger to episode lucky number 13. Later in the show newcomer Sarah stops by and joins the podcast.

It’s a doozy folks. Tune in, you don’t wanna miss a second of this one.

Episode 12

In this episode we discuss the many benefits of Bamboo, Swedish home furnishings, standardized IQ testing and the subtle art of interior decorating.

Grab a cold one, kick back, and enjoy.

Episode 11

The Jeff Hanneman tribute podcast. This one is dedicated to one of the most influential metal guitarists of our time. Interloper brewery brought a special beer for us just for this one. Kick back, grab a cold one and celebrate Jeff Hanneman and Slayer with us.

Episode 10

Join Phil, Sam, and Colin as we sample the Interloper Brewery “Blitzkrieg” beer, recall the glory days of Griff and get up to the usual shenanigans. Grab a cold one, kick back and enjoy friends.

NuLevel factoid: This is Phil’s favorite episode.

Episode 9

In this episode we sample a new beer from a small local Austin micro brewery. Colin is our featured guest again and as always Sam and Phil.

Episode 8

We welcome a special guest Colin to the podcast, and discuss the current state of music, as well as our normal drunken shenanigans. Grab a frosty beverage, tune in and join us for episode 8.

Episode 7

Welcome to the new Nu Level Studios! Listen as we test out our new outdoor space in episode 7 discussing new television technology, the rise and fall of the porn industry, challenges on gun rights, religious demographics in the U.S., and then we’ll round things out with a boob-related news story.

Episode 6

Nulevel Studios hits a milestone in this episode; it’s the first mobile podcast! We take to the road to bring you all the debauchery from Gonzales, TX at the annual Come & Take It festival.

Episode 5

Back in the saddle again! Nicole visits as our special guest tonight, along with myself and Dirty Davis rocking the mic. Talking about Porn Shop Confessions and, as usual, getting strangely off topic. This could be the filthiest podcast yet. Consider yourself warned, this is not for the easily offended.

Episode 4

Sam was in NY for the week and Phil, Wobble, Matt, and Jorge Villac… Villacn…. Villac-Not gunna work here anymore speak on such topics as man on man pride and the finer things in life such as gargling. Classic Wobbleburger mix.

Episode 3

Phil, Sam, Melissa the studio head, and Ryan Wobbleburger Patin. Lions and tigers and child labor?… Oh my!

Episode 2

Phil, Sam, Wobbleburger, and Matt. Good show and interview ++ Wobbleburger – 20 min mix!

Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the Nulevel Studios podcast, we discuss new year resolutions, sea otters and the ocean, girls and toilet paper fortresses, and much, much more.

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